More side effects

Here is an interesting video on how Herceptin works along with chemotherapy. Before Herceptin came along, I would have only had approximately 21 months to live.

While Herceptin and I didn’t get along on injection day, and add in my Paclitaxel chemo dose, I’m definitely feeling a ton of side effects today, including a splitting headache, upset stomach / GI tract, abdominal pain and heartburn. Not sure if it’s the headache and noise sensitivity, but I burst into tears while trying to have breakfast with the family.

My husband brought me lightly seasoned cucumbers as a small snack after breakfast, putting two aside without any seasoning, so that I could put them on my eyes, which were puffy from crying.

I’m now lying in bed with the dogs and listening to the rain outside. It’s somewhat soothing and making me feel better.

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